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CEPEG and PCA exist to bring people working in Conductive Education (CE) together.

In this section of the site you can find out more about what Conductive Education is, and about CEPEG and PCA.

About Conductive Education

Conductive education (CE) is a holistic integrated pedagogical/educational system, which enables people with damage to the central nervous system to learn to overcome the challenges they face.

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About CEPEG and PCA

Conductive Education Professional Education Group (CEPEG) is an umbrella term for the Conductive Education Community in the UK.  

The PCA is the professional body for qualified conductors. It is member-led and governed by an elected committee.

The PCA leads and promotes best practice within Conductive Education, to secure its continued delivery in the future and to support all PCA members in developing and promoting high-quality CE. 

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