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What does the PCA do?

  • Listens to, and works for, conductors, conductor assistants and everyone working in CE and supports them in their working lives.
  • Promotes the professional status of conductors with requirements for continual professional development for all PCA members and by encouraging professional development through wider CPD opportunities.
  • Nurtures the development of a dynamic network of conductors and those working in CE across the UK through which information, expertise and discussion can be shared.
  • Provides the Code of Practice for Conductors and Professional Standards for Conductors in the UK.
  • Provides advisory publications such as Guidelines for Moving and Handling in Conductive Education, Use of Equipment in Conductive Education, Working with other professionals and produces guidance material, and written articles, regarding CE and related current issues.
  • Supports the running of an Annual CE Conference for everyone interested in CE.
  • Supports annual Conductive Education Awareness Week through shared media posts